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World Footvolley and Ibope Repucom set to carry out first ever marke research on the sport

The analysis will allow the entity to better understand footvolley's consumer base and improve it's efforts to develop the sport from commercial and institutional standpoints

World Footvolley and Ibope Repucom will carry out unprecedented research on the sport in Brazil

The recent proliferation of spaces for the practice of footvolley in several Brazilian cities, including many that do not have a beach (the place where the sport emerged), served to awaken people's (and investors') attention to the growing interest in footvolley. public in relation to this sport.

In this way, World Footvolley, an organization created with the aim of standardizing and promoting the sport, decided to go beyond impressions and went in search of data that helps to express with greater accuracy the reality of the sport. footvolley in Brazil.

The entity entered into a partnership with Ibope Repucom to carry out an unprecedented mapping of footvolley in the country. The objective of quantitative research is “to identify the fan base and measure the growth of the sport”.

Disclosure in December

The research should be released at the beginning of December. Ibope Repucom sought to collect information such as the number of people who are fans or superfans of the sport, in addition to distribution by gender, age, region and income. The universe researched is connected people over 18 years old.

“With deeper knowledge of our fan base, World Footvolley will be able to improve its institutional and commercial strategy, aiming to serve consumers and partners in a more assertive way”, stated Luiz Gomes, founder and CEO of the sports entity.

Important step towards professionalization

In World Footvolley's assessment, the research represents an important step in the professionalization of sport, as it will allow us to understand the demographic reality of each sporting community.

In the last Footvolley World Cup, held in São Paulo (SP) last month, more than 10 million people were impacted by the event, through social media , press and broadcast on the Sportv channel.

“Ibope Repucom has been carrying out this type of research for ten years and we have already served more than 30 modalities across Brazil. Footvolley is experiencing a great moment of growth and we feel privileged to be able to play such an important role in the professionalization of the sport”, said Arthur Bernardo Neto, director of business development at the research institute.

Source: Redação Máquina do Esporte


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