Local Talent in the spotlight

Piana, Corsica – July 26, 2018 – A long tradition of Footvolley has translated into an array of talent out of the picturesque island of Corsica. Europe’s best Antoine Ottaviani / Lucien Alessandri are joined by current champions Agnu Plasenzotti / Dume Susini to lead the local support against usual favorites, Brazilians, represented by Luciano Almeida / Laerte Neto.

The Corsican squads are in the forefront of Groups A and B, which also include European powerhouses Portugal and Spain, represented by Miguel Pinheiro / Nelson Pereira and Pablo Carcelen / Carlos Delgado, respectively. Norwegians, Alex Karlsen / Emil Lindstrom (Group A) and Italians, Simone Sinopia / Aldair Santos (Group B) are looking to make a statement and promise to deliver surprising upsets.

Paraguayans, Velo Melgarejo / Jesus Del Valle, lead a challenging Group D and fans should expect close encounters against the Dutch squad, Jesse Van Oord / Antonio Aurino and Jacob Domke / Roman Uhr (GER). The Brazilians shall bring their A-game against the very technical Israeli squad, Maor Haas / Pascal Schmidt and the Austrian brothers, Klemens Wellenhof / Jakob Wellenhof.

Group Fixtures








The Qwant Footvolley Cup plays host to 20 squads from 14 nations and encompasses a two-event series in the Island of Corsica starting this weekend at Plage d’Arone in Piana. The following stop takes place in Corsica’s capital, Ajaccio starting August 1st.

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Brazilian supremacy remains

Ajaccio – July 30, 2018 – Despite remarkable performances from local favorites, Brazilians Luciano Almeida / Laerte Neto sealed a perfect weekend with a convincing victory against Velo Melgarejo / Jesus Del Valle (PAR) in the final. The winning squad pushed through close games during group stage, but were no match to Antoine Ottaviani / Lucien Alessandri (FRA) and Maor Haas / Pascal Schmidt (ISR) during playoff rounds.

Group Stage brought little surprise with the favorites finishing up on top to face one another during final rounds. Quarter Finals began with a statement win for Israel over Europe’s elite squad Miguel Pinheiro / Nelson Pereira (POR), followed by a close and highly technical match-up between Pablo Carcelen / Carlos Delgado (ESP) and Jesse Van Oord / Antonio Aurino (NED) where the Spaniards stamped their way onto the semis. Title holders Agnu Plasenzotti / Dume Susini (FRA) saw the end of the road against the slick Paraguayans, while European Champions Ottaviani / Alessandri succumbed before the Brazilians.

Brazilians continued their quest with a dramatic win over a rundown Israeli squad due to a heat related illness that compromised their performance for a highly anticipated match-up. The Spanish carried tons of confidence to face Paraguay, but fell short for what would have been a memorable upset. The gran finale involved well known rivals, Brazil and Paraguay, for a highlight match ending at 2-0 for the “Brasileiros”.

A Kids tournament brought an extra hint of excitement and inspiration for local fans. Piana’s prodigies Eric Pireddu / Paul Benetti impressed the crowd, but were not able to close against the visting squad from Ajaccio. The initiative plays a valuable role into showcasing the sport at all levels and will certainly motivate an increase in youth development programs.

The Qwant Footvolley Cup represents the 13th Annual edition of a highly prestigious international tournament and has become one of the most sought destinations for Footvolley in Europe. The host, Piana Footvolley, gears up for the second stop in Ajaccio this week and expects for an even greater atmosphere.

Who will put the Brazilians to test? We shall find out.

Israelis back on top

Schwabish Gmund – June 17, 2018 – An overload of talent brought tons of excitement to a historic German town in the suburbs of Stuttgart. Ron Ben Ishai/Amir Zohar (ISR) delivered a solid performance throughout their campaign, starting with a defeat over the locals Dennis Weber/Roman Uhr (GER), before overcoming a young Portuguese squad and the experienced Norwegians.

The confidence boost continued in the playoff stage with a win over Switzerland and a highlight semi-final match against their top contenders Antonio Aurino/Jesse Van Oord (NED), where Ron and Amir came back from a first set loss to guarantee their spot in the championship match. The Final was no surprise to the fans, as the talented French Adrian Locicero/Lucas Cervera were no match and fell in straight sets.

The men were joined by four female squads, led by Brazilian Natalie Martins and Evelyn Dobbinga (NED), who took the gold home, following straight set wins over finalists Thais Castro/Manny Gleize (BRA), third place Isabel Rodrigues/Rita Rodrigues (SWE) and Dana Hillman/Stephanie Mohr (GER). The Women’s Exhibition Tournament added a flare of inspiration to aspiring new girls, who dream to become a part of the Footvolley journey.

The 5th Edition of the Sparkassen Footvolley Cup played host to some of the best international squads and proved once again, Footvolley continues to fascinate new fans worldwide. The stars now move on to their following destination looking to take stamp their name and pride into an ever-growing and thrilling storyline.


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Rivalries heat up in Germany

Schwabish Gmünd – June 13, 2018 – Footvolley’s blooming squads expected to shine in Germany this weekend for the 5th edition of the Sparkassen Footvolley Cup. Teams were drawn into three groups and six will earn an automatic berth into the Quarter Finals set to take place on Saturday. The additional two spots will be filled by two match-ups involving the 3rd place and best 4th place squads.

German favorites Dennis Weber/Roman Uhr will face the newly inducted European squad Amir Zohar/Ron Ben Ishai (ISR) in one of the highlight first round matches and must also overcome the strong Portuguese squad Juliano Silva/Gustavo Cavaco and Norwegians Kristoffer Arskog/Magnus Humeno to move into the playoff rounds.

Last year’s finalists Antonio Aurino/Jesse Van Oord (NED) come back to prove they are still the team to beat and will face the talented French squad Adrian Locicero/Lucas Cervera, before challenging the beloved German Star Mo Obeid with an interim partner Patrick Siebert. Raimund Wenning/Christopher Schieck (GER) and Simon Saurugger/Jakob Wellenhoff (AUT) complete the group.

The most even group includes upcoming German prodigy Mitch Weber along with his partner Jakob Domke, the highly technical Greeks, Yiannis Tsouris/Harris Papaspyrou, the experienced Swiss Nils Fehr/Michele Potita and the French Manu Pisani/Jean Felix Fideli. Every point will count tremendously as details will define what teams will remain following group stage matches.

The stage is set, and the stars are coming. Who will take one of the most coveted titles of the season?

France takes European crown

Graz – June 9, 2018 – An impressive campaign led Antoine Ottaviani / Lucien Alessandri (FRA) to the gold. The road to the championship began in the qualifier rounds where the squad defeated opponents like Dennis Webber/Roman Uhr (GER) and Ron Ben Ishai/Amir Zohar (ISR) to earn a spot in the Group Stage. The confidence boost helped the French overcome Spain, Italy and Norway seamlessly to advance straight into the Quarter Final, where they easily defeated Switzerland before pulling two come back wins against the Portuguese, both in the “Semi” and Final match. The Spaniards Juan Lopez/Sergio Antolinos joined the finalists, Miguel Pinheiro/Nelson Correia (POR) to complete the star-studded podium.

Group Standings:

Group A: Austria 1, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria 2

Group B: France, Portugal 2, Greece, United Kingdom

Group C: France 2, Spain, Italy, Norway

Group D: Germany, Portugal 1, Croatia, Belgium

Playoff Results

Quarter Finals:

Juan Lopez/Sergio Antolinos (SPA) 2 x 0 Jakob Wellenhof/Klemens Wellenhof (AUT)

Miguel Pinheiro/Nelson Pereira (POR) 2 x 0 Agnu Plasenzotti/Dume Sussini (FRA)

Antoine Ottaviani/Lucien Alessandri (FRA) 2 x 0 Benedikt Zwissig/Nils Fehr (SUI)

Filipe Santos/Beto Correia (POR) 2 x 0 Mo Obeid/Joel Nisslein (GER)

Semi Finals:

Miguel Pinheiro/Nelson Pereira (POR) 2 x 0 Juan Lopez/Sergio Antolinos (SPA)

Antoine Ottaviani/Lucien Alessandri (FRA) 2 x 1 Filipe Santos/Beto Correia (POR)

3rd Place: Juan Lopez/Sergio Antolinos (SPA) 2 x 1 Filipe Santos/Beto Correia (POR)

Final: Antoine Ottaviani/Lucien Alessandri (FRA) 2 x 1 Miguel Pinheiro/Nelson Pereira (POR)

The Women’s Competition was dominated by the Dutch, who took the championship home with Evelyn Dobbinga/Nicoline Birza, joined by Carolin Schultze/Rebecca Gabriel (GER) in second place and fellow country mates Nynke Karrenbeld/Selma Van Berkel with the bronze.

The European Footvolley Championship awarded Austrian fans with a weekend long spectacle. A sold-out arena in Hauptplatz assured the level of entertainment delivered by international Footvolley stars, who now move on to Schwabisch Gmund, Germany for the Sparkassen Footvolley Cup.


Graz – June 8, 2018 – The European Summer kicks off this weekend with Footvolley’s best battling for the title in Austria. A line up of 13 nations led by current champions, Portugal, begin their quest at the busy Hauptplatz Square in the heart of Graz.

The Portuguese squad, Miguel Pinheiro/Nelson Pereira, has come prepared following a second place finish at the Red Sea Footvolley Cup in Eilat and was drawn into Group D to face Germany, Belgium and Croatia. Remaining groups as follows:

Group A: Austria 1, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria 2

Group B: France, Greece, United Kingdom, Portugal 2

Group C: Spain, Italy, Norway, France 2

Local favorites Jakob Wellenhof/Klemens Wellenhof are set to face the strong Dutch squad Martjin Ten Duis/Bart Zantmann, before challenging the well-known local rivals and the Swiss. The French favorites Agnu Plasenzotti/Dume Susini must overcome current Portuguese National Champions Beto Correia/Filipe Santos before facing the Greek and British favorites. The Spanish Juan Lopez/Sergio Antolinos headline a tough Group C including an elite qualifier French squad and the highly skilled Norwegian and Italian pairings.

Only one squad per group is awarded a direct birth into the Quarter Final rounds. The second and third place teams from groups A/B and C/D will face one another in the Round of 16 stage to complete the Playoff line-up.

The Women’s Semi-Finals complete the schedule with match ups between Evelyn Dobbinga/ Nicoline Birza (NED) x Nynke Karrenbeld/Selma Van Berkel (NED) and Mor Shaked/Noy Tzuberry x Rebecca Gabriel/Carolin Schultze (GER)

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Thai squads fall short to favorites

Bangkok – April 27, 2018 – Following intense playoff rounds, Brazilians meet expectations and lift the trophy at the Thai World Footvolley Championship. David Soares/Marcelo Freitas paved the way to glory with a convincing win against top contenders Thapakon Anson/Pongsak Yamnoi (Thailand) by 18/12 – 18/10.

The Brazilian squad displayed a polished team chemistry throughout the competition and earned the respect from competing teams, primarily for their conduct on and off court. David posed for photos, Marcelo signed autographs and the team managed a training session for emerging Footvolley programs.

“These opportunities allow us to share our love for the game and keeps us motivated to continue performing at our best. Footvolley has grown tremendously over the past few years and we are glad to contribute inspiring new fans and players to follow a similar path.” said Marcelo Freitas

The Thai World Footvolley Championship delivered some remarkable achievements, starting off with the breakthrough performance by Team Malaysia (4th Place), a first time appearance in the Playoffs by Team India and the participation of Indonesia. Each milestone results from the continuous effort to grow the sport in the region, led by the Footvolley Association of Thailand (FVAT).

Bangkok – April 24, 2018 – The Thai World Footvolley Championship sets the tone in the region with some of the best in the sport. This year’s edition features Asian Champions, Thanee Ruangsri/Winai Thonglai (Thailand), joined by title contenders David Soares/Marcelo Freitas (Brazil) and European powerhouse Martjin Ten Duis/Ben Sparenberg (Holland) for what promises to be an exciting week for the local fans.

In addition to the top seeds, ten other nations were drawn into four groups to compete for eight spots in the playoff rounds. Group Fixtures as follows:

Group A: Thailand, Malaysia, United Emirates, Indonesia

Group B: Iran, South Korea, India, Nepal

Group C: Holland, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand

Group D: Brazil, Russia, Pakistan

Playoff Rounds begin on Thursday, but a few highlight rivalries can be expected starting at group stage involving nations who have been fully invested in the sport for the past few years.

Malaysia, United Emirates, Iran, India and Singapore are no strangers to Footvolley in Asia and have long waited for a chance to shine in the world stage.

“This competition is a reference for emerging programs in the region. Here we have the opportunity to measure our progress and exchange fundamental information with other players and officials.” said Adaham Abdullah, Footvolley Singapore.

The Thai World Footvolley Championship highlights the global expansion of the sport and the endless growth potential across multiple continents.


MIAMI – APRIL 18, 2018 – FC Bayern Munich will delight international Football fans this summer along with some of the world’s best squads in the annual International Champions Cup. The team is scheduled to play Manchester City on July 28th at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and in preparation for the anticipated clash, German National icon, Lothar Matthäus, experienced a bit of the Miami lifestyle with a game of Footvolley.   

The sport did not intimidate Lothar, who instantly picked up some basic set of skills required in Footvolley. Following a few exercises with the US Footvolley Ambassador, Ivan Guimarães, Lothar joined local coach, Guga Alencar, for a quick game and impressed everyone with his performance. Watch it in our YouTube channel soon!

“Footvolley is an incredible sport! I started following it during the 2014 World Cup, where I was impressed with the amount of people that play it in a really high level. Today was my chance to experience it and I think I passed the test.” said Lothar

The opportunity counted with the support of the NFA (National Footvolley Association), and local Footvolley Stars, Fernando Plentz and Melony Poviones who have long been playing the sport in tournaments across the country. Footvolley continues to attract new participants across the globe and World Footvolley is proud to be a part of another step in the evolution of the sport.

Brazilians reign supreme in Eilat


Eilat – March 18, 2018 – The World Red Sea Footvolley Cup hosted some of the world’s favorites and gave fans the opportunity to witness exciting match ups from the get go. Group Stage showed the rise of new squads from Greece, Russia, and Ukraine, as well as an increasing level from local athletes, including Groningen Champions, Pascal Schmidt/Maor Haas and fourth place finishers Ron Ben Ishay/ Oren Zuberi.

Top favorites Brazil, Portugal, Paraguay and Israel took first place in their respective groups, guaranteeing their spot in the playoff rounds. The top seeds were joined by France, Italy, Spain and Holland, who did not pose a threat to the “BIG-4”. The first major upset came up in the semifinal stage, where current champions, Paraguay, were ousted by Portugal in a 3-set battle.

A highlight final between Brazilians, Marcelo Schilling/Eduardo Gasparini and European champions Miguel Pinheiro/Nelson Pereira (Portugal) concluded a spectacular weekend in style. The challenging road to the final took a toll on the Portuguese and allowed Brazil to take the trophy home. Paraguayans Victor Martinez/Fernando Lugo completed the podium following a convincing win against local favorites.

After a week in the Red Sea, teams now prepare for the next stop in Bangkok, Thailand in a competition that will certainly continue to spark the interest for Footvolley across southeast Asia.

Eilat – March 8, 2018 – This March, the City of Eilat (Israel) will play host to the world’s best male and female Footvolley squads at the World Red Sea Footvolley Cup. The second stop of the season will involve 28 male and 14 female squads from 16 nations.

The men’s competition will feature defending champions Esteban/Chorei (Paraguay), joined by one of Brazil’s most entertaining squads Marcelinho/Eduardinho, and European favorites Miguel/Nelson (Portugal). Home grown stars Ron/Oren and Groningen champions Pascal/Maor guarantee it will not be an easy path to glory for the visitors.

The women’s side will witness a new and exciting partnership between Brazilians Josy Souza and Natalia Guitler, joined by the Dutch Nicoline/Evelyn, Nynke/Selma and squads from emerging programs in Germany, Italy, Russia, Norway and the United States.

The event kicks off with the Draw Ceremony next Thursday at 7:00pm (local time) to define groups fixtures and competition schedule. Group stage matches are set to begin on Friday at 9:00am (local time), while playoff rounds begin at 11:00am on Saturday.

In addition to exciting match ups, local fans can expect appearances from Israel’s favorites and avid supporters Oshri Cohen, Ronen Harazi and Shalom Michaelshvili who always bring some extra excitement to the show.

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Groningen – January 7, 2018 – What a start to the season it was! The FlexVirtual International welcomed teams from eleven nations and saw Israelis’ Pascal Schmidt / Maor Haas, pave the way towards their first title in the season.

The 2-day event delivered some exciting matches, including Brazil’s upset against the local squad Bart Zantman / Martjin ten Duis in the opening rounds. The Dutch went undefeated during the group stage, along with Joel Nisslein / Mo Obeid (Germany), Oren Zubeari / Barak Spoj and Jonathan Flash / Ron Ben Ishay (Israel).

The playoff rounds started with the eight teams battling to join the group stage winners in the quarter-finals. The highlight match featured Italian youngsters Federico Iacopucci / Alain Facinni against Pascal Schmidt / Maor Haas (Israel) in a 3-set battle setting the end of the road for the Italians.

The quarter-final stage was highlighted by the presence of four Israeli teams and the rise of the Brazilians when it mattered most. Both nations made their way to the final, and watched Israel’s Oren Zubeari / Barak Spoj defeating Martjin ter Duis / Bart Zantman to secure the third-place spot.

Fans were given the most wanted final match-up, a clash between the favorites, Brazil, and the promising talents from Israel. The encounter revealed Israelis, Pascal Schmidt / Maor Haas as one of the teams to look out for this year. The squad kicks off the season with confidence and seek to continue their winning streak at the World Footvolley Cup in Eilat.

Indoor competition to reveal some of the teams to look out for this year

January 2, 2018 – The FlexVirtual International Footvolley Tournament launches the season at the Binnenpret Indoor Beach in Groningen, Holland. The Dutch will play host to European rivals Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Austria, Greece and England, in addition to intercontinental visitors Brazil, Israel and Morocco. A total of twenty-eight (28) teams were drawn into four groups as follows:

Group A: Brazil, Holland 1, France, Israel 3, Germany 3, Austria 4, Israel 7

Group B: Germany 1, Holland 2, Belgium, Israel 4, Greece, Austria 3, Austria 6

Group C: Israel 1, Austria 1, Morocco, Israel 2. Italy, Austria 5, Holland 4

Group D: Israel 2, Holland 3, England, Israel 5, Germany 2, Austria 2, Holland 5

Group stage matches are set to begin on Friday at 9:00am (CET)  and will define the teams to advance onto the playoff stages. The first team of each group guarantee a spot in the quarter finals, while the second and third teams will be drawn into Round of 16 matches.

What to watch for:

  • FOOTVOLLEY VETERANS ready to bring an exciting challenge to some of the promising international squads.
  • EFC HOST, Austria, comes in full force proving a progressive growth ahead of Europe’s Most Wanted title.
  • ISRAEL brings seven competitive teams in preparation for the upcoming international event in Eilat.
  • WOMEN’S DRAW to include teams from Holland, Germany, Sweden and Israel.   


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