FlexVirtual International to kick off 2018 season in Holland

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Indoor competition to reveal some of the teams to look out for this year

January 2, 2018 – The FlexVirtual International Footvolley Tournament launches the season at the Binnenpret Indoor Beach in Groningen, Holland. The Dutch will play host to European rivals Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Austria, Greece and England, in addition to intercontinental visitors Brazil, Israel and Morocco. A total of twenty-eight (28) teams were drawn into four groups as follows:

Group A: Brazil, Holland 1, France, Israel 3, Germany 3, Austria 4, Israel 7

Group B: Germany 1, Holland 2, Belgium, Israel 4, Greece, Austria 3, Austria 6

Group C: Israel 1, Austria 1, Morocco, Israel 2. Italy, Austria 5, Holland 4

Group D: Israel 2, Holland 3, England, Israel 5, Germany 2, Austria 2, Holland 5

Group stage matches are set to begin on Friday at 9:00am (CET)  and will define the teams to advance onto the playoff stages. The first team of each group guarantee a spot in the quarter finals, while the second and third teams will be drawn into Round of 16 matches.

What to watch for:

  • FOOTVOLLEY VETERANS ready to bring an exciting challenge to some of the promising international squads.
  • EFC HOST, Austria, comes in full force proving a progressive growth ahead of Europe’s Most Wanted title.
  • ISRAEL brings seven competitive teams in preparation for the upcoming international event in Eilat.
  • WOMEN’S DRAW to include teams from Holland, Germany, Sweden and Israel.   


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