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Ajaccio – July 30, 2018 – Despite remarkable performances from local favorites, Brazilians Luciano Almeida / Laerte Neto sealed a perfect weekend with a convincing victory against Velo Melgarejo / Jesus Del Valle (PAR) in the final. The winning squad pushed through close games during group stage, but were no match to Antoine Ottaviani / Lucien Alessandri (FRA) and Maor Haas / Pascal Schmidt (ISR) during playoff rounds.

Group Stage brought little surprise with the favorites finishing up on top to face one another during final rounds. Quarter Finals began with a statement win for Israel over Europe’s elite squad Miguel Pinheiro / Nelson Pereira (POR), followed by a close and highly technical match-up between Pablo Carcelen / Carlos Delgado (ESP) and Jesse Van Oord / Antonio Aurino (NED) where the Spaniards stamped their way onto the semis. Title holders Agnu Plasenzotti / Dume Susini (FRA) saw the end of the road against the slick Paraguayans, while European Champions Ottaviani / Alessandri succumbed before the Brazilians.

Brazilians continued their quest with a dramatic win over a rundown Israeli squad due to a heat related illness that compromised their performance for a highly anticipated match-up. The Spanish carried tons of confidence to face Paraguay, but fell short for what would have been a memorable upset. The gran finale involved well known rivals, Brazil and Paraguay, for a highlight match ending at 2-0 for the “Brasileiros”.

A Kids tournament brought an extra hint of excitement and inspiration for local fans. Piana’s prodigies Eric Pireddu / Paul Benetti impressed the crowd, but were not able to close against the visting squad from Ajaccio. The initiative plays a valuable role into showcasing the sport at all levels and will certainly motivate an increase in youth development programs.

The Qwant Footvolley Cup represents the 13th Annual edition of a highly prestigious international tournament and has become one of the most sought destinations for Footvolley in Europe. The host, Piana Footvolley, gears up for the second stop in Ajaccio this week and expects for an even greater atmosphere.

Who will put the Brazilians to test? We shall find out.

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