African Nations gear up for Footvolley Mania

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Development Programs begin to take shape as new leaders share a desire for growth

ACCRA – October 17, 2017 – Acknowledging the increasing interest in the sport, Footvolley Ambassadors visited several African destinations to share development strategies, technical fundamentals and donate sport equipment. Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Ghana, and Uganda earned the benefits and took a major step towards advancing the sport.

The objective was to improve the experience of those who wish to play the game, preparing individuals responsible for providing such experience and empowering them with the right information. As the sport grows, the focus on development must remain to ensure a progressive increase in participation numbers.

“We are making the sport accessible to Ghanaians and our association has initiated a developmental plan to pave the way for the formation of regional coordinators.” said Mustapha Mohammed from the Ghana Footvolley Association.

The experience showed proof that Footvolley continues to conquer new grounds and amplified the need for international support. As leading professionals strive to advance the sport in their countries, they depend on guidance to ensure they share the same path taken by existing national programs.

“World Footvolley allows the opportunity for newcomers to have a reliable resource for development. We embrace and support every initiative, big or small. Our main goal is to see the growth of the sport as a whole.” said co-founder Luiz Gomes.

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