Footvolley is a sport played between two doubles teams, in which a ball is hit over a net with any body part with the exception of the arms and hands. The objective is to play the ball in such way that the opponent is not able to return.

The sport is traditionally played on a sand court measuring 16 x 8m, evenly divided by a net raised at 2.15m high for men and 2.05m for women. Alternative playing formats offer newcomers a fun experience as they get in the game. View Regulations »

The game originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1965 following a ban on beach soccer that motivated locals to migrate their skills onto beach volleyball courts. It was played locally for a few decades before witnessing a tremendous growth across the country.

Over the years, Footvolley has attracted renown athletes, who helped increasing the visibility of the sport. Zico, Romario and Ronaldinho have all revealed their passion for the sport and inspired many to become a part of the Footvolley community.

Footvolley is now played in over forty (40) nations across the globe, with participants in every continent. Each nation is focused on developing the sport, introducing it to new fans through training camps, exhibitions and year-round competitions.

New competitions appear every year, confirming the increasing desire from fans and participants to experience the sport and put their skills to the test. Footvolley is on an upward trend to become one of the most exciting lifestyle sports to date.

Footvolley is a simple, dynamic and engaging activity for sport fans looking for a new challenge. It allows athletes to improve their physical, technical and psychological capabilities, while promoting core sport values.

It is used as a technical development tool by athletes looking to improve ball control, pass and strike precision. In addition to skills, Footvolley demands a sharp reflex, core strength, and motor coordination, fundamental attributes to shape a complete athlete.

World Footvolley was established to serve as a reference in the development and promotion of Footvolley. Currently collaborating with National Programs, athletes and officials to unite a global community striving for the growth of the sport.

We are committed to showcasing Footvolley as one of the most entertaining sports and enable fans to fully immerse in our lifestyle through continuous live and digital experiences.

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