The Olympic Wave unveils Footvolley as a new global sport

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RIO – August 27, 2016 – Following several years of a widespread global expansion, the international Footvolley community joined the World Footvolley Tournament to promote the sport at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The event played host to twenty-four (24) national teams, including Brazil, Paraguay, United States, Spain, France, Germany, India, United Arab Emirates, and Australia to name a few.

The 3-day competition saw the rise in technical level from nations like Netherlands and Italy, both including men’s and women’s teams, as well as tournament champions Paraguay. The underdogs revolutionized the sport, proving that a beach should not be a requirement when it comes to playing Footvolley. Esteban/Chorei upset tournament favorites Anderson/Tata, 18/8, 22/20, to clinch the most valuable Footvolley title to date.

“This title means a lot to us and helps showing the values of our country to the world.” said Esteban Davalos, Paraguay’s team captain.

The occasion encouraged national delegates to discuss about the next steps towards growing Footvolley as an internationally regulated sport. The discussion covered development programs, organizational structure, marketing strategy, sport regulations, national and international competitions. It was a valuable opportunity for national delegates to share their experiences, challenges and expectations.

“Footvolley has long waited for a sustainable governance model and here is our chance to steer the sport towards a common goal. Our group has the potential to create an everlasting legacy by nurturing this vital milestone in the development of the sport.” said co-founder Luiz Gomes

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